Dee Corboy-Lulik, is an AKC agility judge, Director of Training at All Fours Dog Training in Chicago, Illinois, and a respected trainer & competitor in various dog sports.  Dee and her staff of trainers are what make All Fours training classes such a wonderful experience. 

Dee has been owned by Airedale Terriers since she was a child and currently shares her dog sport addiction with her husband, Keith, and their Airedale Terriers. She has served on the board of directors for various dog training clubs and organizations. Over the past 20+ years, she and her experienced training staff have successfully handled & trained many breeds in various dog sports including hunting, obedience, conformation, therapy dog certification, rally obedience, personal protection, flyball and agility in every height class and level of difficulty. She has trained, handled and titled dogs for clients including other professional trainers.

The experienced All Fours staff of friendly trainers will gladly introduce you to their highly accomplished dogs.  From big to small, we've trained them all!  Our trainers own purebred dogs and mixed breeds.

All Fours dogs have consistently earned top national ranking and many breed "firsts".  All Fours' positive training methods have helped countless handler-dog teams improve their relationships, gain confidence and achieve a better understanding of how to train dogs to do a variety of tasks. Dee and her experienced staff of trainers have appeared on various television networks (ABC, NBC, WGN, FOX) and written training articles for and appeared in various nationally and internationally circulated magazines. Dogs trained by Dee and her experienced staff of trainers have appeared in commercial video and print ads. 

All Fours'  workshops and seminars are well attended by typical dog owners and professional trainers alike. 

Here is a list of a few of the many accolades Dee, her training staff and her students have earned. 

All Fours Trainers and Students: 

... have qualified for the AKC National Agility Championship every year from 1996-present.
... have been awarded the Highest Scoring Medallion at every AKC Agility Invitational!

... have proudly represented the State of Illinois in the National Agility Championship State Team Tournament every year since 1996. 

...are multiple Top Dog Award of Merit recipients many times over from the American Kennel Club. This honor is bestowed upon just one dog in each breed every year. Each year since 1996, multiple dogs trained by All Fours have earned this award. 

...have earned titles on dogs of every size in various registries (AKC, ATCA, CPE, NADAC, NAFA, UKC, USDAA) 
...have received formal recognition from the Governor of the State of Illinois for accomplishments in dog sports.

...have been named the ATCA's top hunting dog of the year and have received recognition for their accomplishments from as far away as Australia. 

...are world record holders in the Ultimate 60 Weave Pole Challenge.
... have enjoyed sharing their knowledge and expertise with countless dog lovers for decades!
All Fours students have gone on to become trainers and competitors in various dog sports.  Those not interested in competing have enjoyed the friendships and comeraderie they've found while participating in the various training classes offered. 


Additionally, whether a "competition junkie" or "just-for-fun" pet owner, all have enjoyed the process of sharing quality, productive, fun, enriching and entertaining time with their cherished canine companions.
You are always welcome and encouraged to observe our classes and meet our trainers prior to registering for an All Fours class.