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Congratulations to All Fours Teammates, Kaleigh & River, Qualifiers for the National Agility Championships!

Butch Blue has been named one of the "Top 10 Rottweilers in a Performance category in the United States 

Congratulations to Paula and MACH2 Chance, new agility champions!

Congrats Paula & Chance! All Fours Teammate Chance is #1 Bedlington Terrier in the Country!

Recently Paula V. and her amazing Bedlington Terrier, Chance, AKA CH MACH2 Danken's Chance For Bramble earned the highly coveted Master Agility Champion 2 title!  Less than a handful of Bedlington Terriers have earned the Master Agility Champion (MACH) title, and even fewer have earned the MACH2.

All Fours Teammates are representing the state of IL in the State Team Tournament at the National Agility Championships again! Go Team Illinois!

All Fours Teammate Kaleigh is the #1 Airedale Terrier! Congrats Dee & Kaleigh!

Ashlee the Weimaraner and her owner Bruce jumped into their first agility competition with a lot of style and flair!

She's not called the "Silver Bullet" for nothin'!

WhyIt, an adorable Keeshond, also known as "The Flying Furball" earned another new agility title!

Congratulations to Deb and her adorable American Cocker Spaniel, Chessie!