Rhodesian Ridgeback, Payton flies across the field to WIN!

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Payton Wins Best in Field



Rhodesian Ridgeback, Payton flies across the field to WIN!

Here's the story from Payton's Mom, Mercedes:

 "Payton--the Rhodesian Ridgeback who is about to three-peat in the
beginning agility class, may not be so great (yet!) at agility, but he has found
his calling lure coursing (the sighthound sport of chasing a plastic bag
along a lure for ~600 yards).  Today, he won Best in Field running in his
first Open race!  He had to run a qualifying round on Saturday, then today,
he had to run 2 rounds to begin with, then a run-off/best of breed race
where he beat an experienced Field Champion who everyone said was the
fastest around.  He followed that by running in Best in Field, where he had
to run along with a whippet. The whippet dusted him, of course, but didn't
run as "cleanly and keenly" chasing the lure. So of all the breeds running,
Borzoi, Whippets, Pharoah, Greyhounds, etc., he got the highest score. 

He's really taking his 5-point major in stride
(and really just looking to nap). 
Rhodesian Ridgeback, Payton Wins Best in Field 
Here's how agility has really helped out. Before agility, he was hesitant
about jumping up on anything (which in most cases is a good thing), but it
made car travel and bathing a hassle (since I can't pick up a slippery 85
pound hound who hates water). Now, he hops in and out of the car
confidently, and after we got back from racing today, I laid some chicken
bits at the back of the tub and he hopped right in!  So, thanks Dee and
everyone who has taken the time to help Payton work on his fear of heights.
At least we know that if he's ever running slowly, that it's all just an act,
and I should just pull out a plastic bag and wave it in front of him!

We are so excited!!

Mercedes and Payton (the Rhodesian Ridgeback)  "

Congratulations to Payton and Mercedes!

You have good reason to be so excited.  We are all so proud of you!