1st place!  Blue ribbon! Lydia, a Keeshond, and Emily have been making a habit of flying around agility competition courses at top speed

Well, he's been getting good Conditioning & Fitness workouts anyway!

Emily and WhyIt recently WOW'd the spectators at an agility competition!

 They did something few agility teams can say they've been able to do!

With speed, grace, precision and style, Janie and Reggie have proven that Salukis can do it all!

They breezed through the conformation ring and finished their Championship handily.

Deb and her terrific American Cocker Spaniel, Brandy earned their Excellent Jumpers Preferred Agility Title!

This weekend Garrett and his adorable Cavalier Spaniel, Ragnar competed in their first agility trial!

And boy did they do a fantastic job!

Ragnar and Garrett - First Trial -  FIRST PLACE


Rhodesian Ridgeback, Payton flies across the field to WIN!

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Payton Wins Best in Field


Judy and her border terrier, Rory ( aka CH Faireview's Roar of the Crowd) for earning their first Novice Rally Obedience qualifying score!

 Rory and Judy earn their first Rally Obedience Ribbon!

This is no small accomplishment!

Congratulations to Julie and her wonderful Rat Terrier, Goku (aka the Agility Ninja)!