Classes FAQ Information around when, what, why and everything you wanted know about Agility Classes
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Classes FAQ 

Information around when, what, why and everything you wanted know about Agility Classes

When do the group agility training classes meet?  Monday evenings.

May I observe a class before I register?  Absolutely!  We encourage potential clients to observe any group classes for which you're interested in registering!  The instructors will be busy tending to the agility training needs of our current clients.  But by all means, stop by, (leave your pup at home), and ask our current clients about their class experiences.   

Are private lessons offered?  Yes.To inquire about availability and to schedule your private lesson simply click on "Private Training Scheduling" and select your date and time!

What type of training is offered via private lessons? The sky's the limit!  Whether you're looking for basic obedience training or fine tuning your advanced competition obedience handling skills.  We can help.  Fitness training, Agility, Obedience and Rally Obedience training are also offered via the private lesson format.  To inquire about availability and to schedule your private lesson simply click on "Private Training Scheduling" and select your date and time!

Would my dog benefit from a fitness class?  Sure!  Dogs of all ages, types and sizes have benefitted from fitness training with Dee.  Make a private lesson appointment and your dog's fitness workout will be customized for your dog.

Puppies will gain confidence, increase balance, improve body awareness and proprioception.  This will prepare your puppy for a lifetime of active endeavors and will increase the working relationship you are building with your dog.

Senior dogs, as well as, retired sport dogs will benefit from a fitness program.  The senior custom fitness program is designed to offset the effects of aging like the osteoarthritic changes that often accompany muscle atrophy.  If your aging pet is having trouble getting up and down the stairs, we can help.

Overweight dogs will benefit from our fitness program by taking off those extra pounds, stimulating them mentally and adding to a healthy life span. 

To inquire about availability and to schedule your private lesson simply click on "Private Training Scheduling" and select your date and time!

How long is a group training class session?  Each agility group class training session is 8 weeks in duration.

Can I begin training my beginner dog in the middle of a session?  No, clients are not allowed to join a session mid-stream.  It's best for you to attend each class in a session.   You really wouldn't get the full benefit of our training program if you missed the first few weeks of a Beginner agility training class.  In addition, adding a new dog to a current class can disrupt the learning process for those currently participating.

Are there specific start dates to a group agility class session?  Yes, there is a specific start date for each session.  Please check the "Upcoming Events" and choose the appropriate WEEK 1 Start date when registering for your group class.

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered to attend class?  No.

May I train more than one dog at a time?  Sure, you can.  But, you and your dog would benefit most by performing every training exercise in class.  Alternating dogs/exercises would not be fair to you or your dog.  For this reason, we offer a 6:00 PM and a 7:00 PM class time so each of your dogs will get the benefit of your undivided attention.

How much will the agility training class cost?  The current cost for agility training classes can be found on the bottom of the registration form.

What's the "veterinary health certificate" that I need to provide with my registration?  It's just a simple print out from your veterinarian indicating that your dog is current on his or her innoculations (per your vet's recommendations), is parasite free and is healthy enough to participate in an agility class (not currently ill or injured).

What shall I bring to the first night of class?  (Assuming all of your registration is complete)  You'll need to bring your hungry dog, a simple leather or fabric leash (4'-6' in length), your dog's favorite treats, your dog's favorite toy and a sense of humor.  Training should be fun!  We'll help you compile a list of additional items on the first night of class for your training bag for the rest of the session.  Ideally, a portable crate would really be great, too!

What shouldn't I bring?  Flexi or retractable leashes.  Choke collars.  Harnesses.  Extra dogs that are not registered for class.

What should I wear?  You can wear whatever you're most comfortable in.  Casual attire for sure.  No high heels or flip-flops. 

Are the classes indoors?  Yes.  Our indoor agility training facility is temperature controlled.  We have air conditioned classes when it's hot outside (No mosquitoes!).  We have comfortably heated classes when it's chilly outside.   The luxury of an indoor agility training facility enables us to provide you and your dog with uninterrupted, quality training opportunities all year round.

Do you offer classes on weekends?  Goodness, no.  We can't be in two places at once.  We invest our time on the weekends in improving your training experience.  We spend our weekends competing in and judging agility trials and National Agility Championships and Invitationals.  We also use that time to attend seminars.  Without these weekend endeavors, we'd risk losing our competitive edge and knowledge of the latest training and handling techniques.  We apply this constantly evolving and ever growing knowledge to your training classes and private lessons.  That's just one of the advantages of participating in an All Fours class.  Wouldn't you rather have active top notch trainers teaching you than stale ones with outdated methods?